What is the average life span of a Buffalo?
About 40-45 years.

How much does Harvey weigh?
His weight varies during the year...in the summer he weighs approximately 2,400 to 2,600 lbs. In the winter his weight is closer to 2,800 lbs.

What do Bison eat?
They eat the same food a horse or cow eats...hay, alfalfa, grain, and Harvey especially likes apples and oranges.

Does Harvey have any friends (this is my personal favorite question)
He has 3 other Bison buddies he hangs out with on 10 acres of pasture.

Why a PINK truck?
It's based on product recognition. You rarely see a pink truck on the road, so if you see one it's probably us.

Does anything frighten Harvey, or the other Bison?
Not really, but Harvey has been known to try and hide at bath time.

Is Harvey a bull?
No, he's a steer.

Has Harvey ever been in your house?
Yes, on several occations. Two times he let himself out of his pasture and came to the front door, astonishing us with his intelligence.

Does Harvey or his Bison friends mind the heat in the Arizona summers?
They keep cool under their big shade trees and shelters with a special misting system.

Is it difficult to load Harvey into his trailer for a trip?
No, he seems to like to travel, but then who wouldn't with a 37 foot long 8 foot wide fully padded trailer filled with food and water.

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